What is ATMS?

ATMS is an important part of the solution to provide the rail innovation Australia needs – improving the safety of operations as well as delivering reliability and network resilience. 

ARTC has partnered with Lockheed Martin to develop a SIL rated system to deliver an innovative train control system designed for the Australian rail network.

Support from industry & especially PN through the design, development and testing phases has ensured that ATMS will realise benefits that support the growth of freight on rail, provide a safer mode of operation and increase productivity.

The ATMS system will:

  • Replace trackside signalling with in-locomotive displays of authorities to drivers
  • Provide precise location of trains both front and rear
  • Provide new network control centre boards
  • Provide enforcement of authorities on each locomotive if a train is at risk of exceeding its authority or going over the speed limit
  • Control track point direction and automatic route clearances
  • Provide information to all locomotives via the Telstra Mobile Network

Why is ATMS Important?

When ATMS is commissioned it will provide:

  • Increased rail capacity through closer train operation
  • Improved reliability through better on-time performance
  • Improved efficiency and flexibility of the rail network
  • Increased safety through authority and speed limit enforcement
  • Reduced operation and maintenance cost for the trackside infrastructure
  • Operator efficiencies through less fuel consumption and less wear of wheels and brakes