ATMS: Advanced Train Management System: Increased Safety, Reliability & Efficiency

To meet the increasing demands on Australia’s transportation networks, there is a need to improve capacity on existing rail networks.

ARTC seeks to optimise capacity on its 5 state, 10,000 kilometre network by using technologies to maximum advantage.

In this regard, ATMS has been selected as the cornerstone technology.

Many of the conventional signalling systems and switching systems in Australia have reached the end of their service life.

To replace these systems would cost several times the cost of ATMS, and without the operational benefits

ATMS will improve safety through authority and speed limit enforcement and additional protection for trackside workers.

ATMS will provide increased rail network capacity in a cost efficient and safe manner.


ATMS is the Advanced Train Management System which will provide significantly upgraded capabilities to the rail industry of Australia.

ATMS is designed to support ARTC's objectives of improving rail network capacity, operational flexibility, train service availability, transit times, rail safety and system reliability.